trey burns artist lubbock texas co-opt

Installation at the CO-OPt Research + Projects in Lubbock, TX; a simplified stud wall, framed photographs, found rock, and sound score.

trey burns artist lubbock texas co-opt

trey burns artist lubbock texas co-opt

diy tv attennas, local tv, polaroids, dirty video mixer, inkjet on vinyl, spider plant, aluminum foil, and screen

trey burns artist lubbock texas co-opt

trey burns artist dallas video

Waterfall Box; wood, vinyl, raspberrypi, screen, looping video (8sec)

trey burns artist ex ovo dallas

trey burns artist sweet pass sculpture park dallas

The Sculpture School Reader (290 pages) serves a primer on the critically endangered Texas Blackland Prairie, the built environment and history of Dallas, and orients artists in critical theory around site response. Produced for Sweet Pass Sculpture School, 2021.

trey burns artist sweet pass sculpture park dallas

trey burns artist sweet pass sculpture park dallas

The Texas Blackland Prairie is the most endangered large ecosystem in North America; an ancient tall grass ecosystem with less than 1% of remnant habitat remaining. Sculpture School led a group of five artists and one intern on a broad survey of this lost prairie, while exploring the embedded histories, hidden natures, and infrastructures in the region. Like decoding stratum in sedimentary rocks, we examined how the past has shaped the city's construction and looked at the resulting impact upon the ecology (Sous les pavés, la prairie!). As part of the program, we toured managed prairie preserves, native plant gardens, artificial wetlands, met with archaeologists, architecture critics, landscape designers, local artists, activists, historians, and renowned public artists.

trey burns artist sweet pass sculpture park dallas

trey burns artist sweet pass sculpture park dallas

Simulated walkthrough of the LOCII+O 1 installation environment

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LOCII+O 1 was an experimental installation and communal media event. Designed to function in a mutually coordinated manner, the installation invited collaboration in the form of live collage, commentary, and video processing. In concert with these various points of entry and output, performer and actor Matthew Maher acted as our guide through classic action films, exploring their tropes and ruminating on themes of hyper-masculinity, surveillance, the American landscape, and its media apparatus. Special guests include Allison Klion, Tamara Johnson, Tino Ward, and Zak Loyd

trey burns artist ex ovo dallas

The Philosophy of Goo

Made in collaboration with Tamara Johnson, and with support from the Wassaic Projects and the National Endowment for the Arts, The Philosophy of Goo is a video essay that explores the history, metaphors, and meaning behind the veriegated qualities of an ineffable material called "goo". Narrated by gallerist Allison Klion, "Goo" weaves together documentary footage, found video, personal anecdotes, and popular culture exploring Johnson's relationship to materiality and female experience.

Escape from Texas

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October 12 - December 14, 2019:


  (ex ovo, Dallas TX)

Trey Burns, Harris Chowdhary, Finn Jubak, Jonathan Molina-Garcia

Curated by Allison Klion

trey burns artist ex ovo dallas trey burns artist ex ovo dallas

Over the course of several months, ex ovo’s Allison Klion and four local artists —Trey Burns, Harris Chowdhary, Finn Jubak, and Jonathan Molina-Garcia—engaged in a series of in-depth conversations about Dallas’s history, legibility, aspirations, and encrypted realities. The resulting exhibition consists of the manifested footnotes from these discussions and draws on shared research and development of ideas around Dallas’s myths, landscape, and the built environment. Next Exit ’s spatial relationship of encountering becomes part of this meaning. The exhibition design operates as a collaborative installation in which a supplemental “gallery infrastructure” — including viewing platforms and alcoves — permit access and passageway between artworks.

trey burns artist ex ovo dallas trey burns artist ex ovo dallas

A small cinema under the ramp

Howard's Home Tour (Loop)

A short video of a Dallas home tour given by the gallerist's father that played under the ramp

La L'aceate Loop Trail

Download the Trail Map Here

La L’aceate Loop Trail in conjunction with the NEXT EXIT exhibition; named after the historic appellation for the neighborhood south of Singleton and east of Sylvan. As the show examines Dallas’s myths, landscape, and built environment - this trail brings you out of the gallery a for a brief walk along a guerrilla hiking trail framing the area immediately around the gallery. As you pass through easements and vacant lots, watch your feet, keep eyes open, and your nose clean.


Press for Next Exit:

Glasstire (Lillian Michel)

Top Five (Christina Rees)

Glasstire D Magazine (Natalie Gempel)

Sandwich Bag


in collaboration w/ Taylor Shields

Photos My Dad Sent

A curated series of photographs that my father has sent through text messages over the years